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75% of Internet use in 2017 will be via mobile

Internet use via mobile devices will increase slightly next year, according to new research released by media buying agency Zenith

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Low Inventory Is Slowing Home Buying

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The Great A.I. Awakening. Part 6

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The Great A.I. Awakening. Part 5

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The Great A.I. Awakening. Part 4

‘The portion of evolution in which animals developed eyes was a big development. Now computers have eyes.’ 

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The Great A.I. Awakening. Part 3

It’s an uncommon story in many ways, not least of all because it defies many of the Silicon Valley stereotypes we’ve grown accustomed to.

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The Great A.I. Awakening. Part 2

Google’s decision to reorganize itself around A.I. was the first major manifestation of what has become an industrywide machine-learning delirium. Over the past four years, six companies in particular — Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and the Chinese firm Baidu — have touched off an arms race for A.I. talent, particularly within universities. Corporate promises of resources and freedom have thinned out top academic departments. It has become widely known in Silicon Valley that Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of Facebook, personally oversees, with phone calls and video-chat blandishments, his company’s overtures to the most desirable graduate students. Starting salaries of seven figures are not unheard-of. Attendance at the field’s most important academic conference has nearly quadrupled. What is at stake is not just one more piecemeal innovation but control over what very well could represent an entirely new computational platform: pervasive, ambient artificial intelligence.

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The Great A.I. Awakening. Part 1.

You Are What You Have Read

Late one Friday night in early November, Jun Rekimoto, a distinguished professor of human-computer interaction at the University of Tokyo, was online preparing for a lecture when he began to notice some peculiar posts rolling in on social media. Apparently Google Translate, the company’s popular machine-translation service, had suddenly and almost immeasurably improved. Rekimoto visited Translate himself and began to experiment with it. He was astonished. He had to go to sleep, but Translate refused to relax its grip on his imagination.

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We're closer to robots than you think. AI could be the product of a basic algorithm

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Expert: AI to be part of 2017 growth

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