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Social Media for Home Builders: What Buyers Really Want

Home builders are constantly on the hunt for the latest ideas to improve their presence on social media. A quick search for the phrase social media for home builders delivers a slew of tips, tricks and success stories of home builders using social media to drive more leads and sales. The latest research from the 2015-16 Home Buyer Conversion Report helps us look at social media in the home builder industry from the perspective of the home buyer.

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Topics: Condo Mastery, condo selling, sales strategy, marketing strategy

Elon Musk wants to sell you a better-looking solar roof amid slowing growth for panels

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The Future of Sales

7 Things Modern Salespeople Need to Do to Remain Relevant.

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Future View: What Will Disrupt Marketing In The Future

What will the future of marketing look like? We asked what channels marketers are planning to add to their marketing mix in the next year.

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Overated Marketing Tactics

(Hint, it’s outbound)

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How Different Industries View Inbound

Across industries we see different rates of adoption for inbound. In our survey, more Ecommerce (89%), marketing agencies (84%), and Software (78%) companies use inbound marketing.

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The State Of Sales Technology

This year’s survey data on sales technology makes one thing abundantly clear: It’s time for sales and marketing tech vendors to have an integration conversation. “Lack of integration” tied for respondents’ #1 CRM challenge with “manual data entry,” the #1 challenge in 2015.

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Marketing ROI: Measuring It Is Hard, But For Those Who Do It Get More Budget

How does your company’s current budget for inbound marketing compare to last year’s?

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We Need To Talk: Marketing, and Sales Disconnect

There’s always room to improve the handoff between Marketing and Sales, and our data shows marketing and sales teams need to continually communicate and refine their SLA, even if there’s already one in place.

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Marketing And Sales Alignment Is Critical To A Successful Marketing Strategy

The handshake between Sales and Marketing tends to produce the most measurable results for a marketing team.

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