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5 Tips for Creating a World Class Condo Project Sales Team

There are three kinds of sales teams I have experienced in my sales and marketing career. I have been a part of these teams but more recently assembled them for N5R. There are great sales teams, mediocre sales teams and just plain horrible sales teams. They do things differently and get compensated differently. If you want a world class condo project sales team (and why would you not?) then never believe that you can pay them poorly. Get a world class compensation package ready for them, because a world class condo project sales team that gets compensated at a mediocre level will perform at that pay level. That is both a waste of talent and a poor way to get the results you want. Here are four key points from the ideal process I would go through to build a world class condo project sales team.

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Marketing and Sales Tips: Fun With Google

Last year I spent a day at Google Headquarters and I learned all sorts of interesting things. Number one, the average Canadian viewed 10.8 websites, like blogs or review sites, before purchasing anything. Hats, t-shirts, sneakers, not just real estate but anything at all. It had more than doubled in one year from the previous mark of 4.7, probably due to the rise of the smartphone. Here are three points I want to make about Google and why it is more important to your condo project sales and project marketing than ever before.

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Which Condo Project Sales Leads Are Most Likely To Buy?

Between standard email marketing databases and savvy use of social media, it is easier and cheaper than ever to come up with oceans of information. So many sales leads that your project sales experts might not know where to begin, or worse, they might have the wrong idea of where to begin. All you can do is make educated guesses unless you make proper use of tracking and analytics with your project marketing software. Here is how I would determine which condo project sales leads are most likely to buy.

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5 Strategies For Effective Project Marketing

Whether it's condo project marketing or real estate project marketing, you can't just throw random ideas together and see what happens. Every project is a little bit different, but it helps to set parameters. Start with these five strategies and your project sales experts should be on the right track.
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The Traffic Funnel: A Project Marketing Method

It's useful to outline your condo or real estate project sales method as a diagram. It helps you to isolate and optimize each part of your project marketing process to increase efficiency. If your project sales experts don't have anything like this to help them visualize their processes, then they need to have a look at this diagram. It's something every project sales agency should be aware of.

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Inbound Marketing and Technology Blog Tips

Posted by Jason Kosarek :

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KPCB Internet Trends 2013

by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers :

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The United States Is Still in an Extraordinarily Good Position

By Jamie Dimon :

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Real Estate Marketing Lessons: Tips To Boost Your Marketing

With N5R’s Chairman and CEO, Roman Bodnarchuk explain some simple and easy techniques to help you marketing your real estate development the right way

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Real Estate Sales Tips: Who Makes The Buying Decisions

It might not be politically correct, but research shows that when it comes to buying decisions, only one sex holds the power. Watch the video below and find out from real estate sales expert, Roman Bodnarchuk, why you should be focusing your marketing on women. 

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