How will you find your customers in the next decade?

Posted by Rostyslav Geriavenko on Tue, Sep 24, 2013 @ 19:09 PM

What is inbound marketing toronto

 According to HubSpot's 2013 The State of Inbound Marketing Report, it will be the "inbound way."

Inbound Marketing Is Still on the Rise: Nearly 60% practice inbound marketing.

Stronger ROI Than Traditional: Twice as many marketers see below-average cost per leads via inbound marketing

Traditional Marketing is Fading: Inbound marketing grew around 50% for the third straight year.

Definition and Data: Some marketers still struggle with defining and analyzing inbound marketing.

Capturing a Difficult Audience: Inbound marketing cuts through the cluttered internet to reach consumers at every stage of their buying decisions.

Smarter Marketing: Automation of certain tactics allows marketers to focus on newer tasks like blogging.

Inbound Means Marketing: Successful marketers grasp that inbound marketing is not a channel or a technology but a strategy.

Consumers Win: Inbound marketing creates marketing people love because it adds value at every stage.

Marketers Win, Too: No longer cost centers to companies or nuisances to consumers, marketers are more lovable (and important) than ever.

Content And Context: Content is just part of the equation. Context systems like CRMs are still needed to personalize the buyer journey and drive real ROI.

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