Real Estate Marketing Agency Tip: Crucial Role Of Telling A Story.

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Fri, Nov 28, 2014 @ 08:11 AM

Crucial Role Of Telling A Story.


Facts tell, stories sell.

We’ve all heard the line: facts tell but stories sell. Never have truer words been spoken, especially with real estate. Whether it’s an office project in a downtown core, a beachside villa or a suburban family home, describing your project with just the facts conveys only half the story to a potential buyer. People, like projects, are made up of two halves. One side focuses on reason, the other side on emotion. One side is more concerned with magic, and the other side with logic. That’s why any successful marketing campaign should take into account both halves – and speak to both.

Unfortunately, most developers miss this point.

But, as I’ve just described with the floor plan ads above, most developers are only focused on conveying the logical, factual details about their project. Most have never learned how to tell a story. Consider the difference between these two salespeople, one gifted in the art of story-selling and the other who takes a more conventional approach:

Two salespeople, two approaches. Only one of them is right.

Salesperson A brings a young couple to a new condo and shows them around. She talks about the square footage of each room, the fixtures and the number of closets. The potential buyers look around and see a house like any other, and feel no emotional tug, no compulsion to buy. Salesperson B brings another couple to the same property. She talks about how the second bedroom is the ideal size for a charming nursery or a convenient home office, complete with views of the city for those moments when they need to refocus. She mentions the two lovely parks and the new shopping center nearby. She talks about Richard, the cabinet maker, and how he and his son have been making cabinetry from recycled wood for decades now – and how their craftsmanship is in serious demand. She talks about how wonderful it would be to enjoy a cool drink in the evening on the private patio, and how this building is known for throwing fabulous Fourth of July parties.

How Salesperson B’s pitch works on the viewers.

Unlike the previous viewers, this couple looks around the space and sees potential. Suddenly, they imagine themselves with a newborn in the nursery. They imagine starting new friendships with neighbors at the Fourth of July party. They see their lives unfolding here the same way the story unfolded – and they love it.




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