Marketing Trends for 2013: Blogging And Social Media

If you want to survive in today’s market you need to stay on top of every new trend.

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Real Estate Marketing Secrets: What Ad Agencies Will Never Tell You

So it’s time to start driving sales for your real estate development and communicating your message to qualified prospects. That means you’ll have to hire an expensive ad agency to create a lot of expensive traditional media communications while you can sit back and watch your marketing budget fly though the roof, right?

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Real Estate Marketing with Vine: Top 5 Tips

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The Future Of Social Media Marketing

Roman Bodnarchuk, our Chairman and CEO here at N5R, recently interviewed Mike Volpe for our new Sales and Marketing TV show. Mike is the CMO of Hubspot, our inbound marketing software of choice. The show is called Big Business Secrets and it premiers in April. As a bit of a teaser we thought that we would give you a taste of some of Mike Volpe’s insights on Social Media Marketing.

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Always-On Marketing: A new Approach To Condo Sales And Marketing

There’s a new type of condo marketing on the horizon and it flies in the face of many of today’s traditional marketing philosophies. It’s a step away from the fully planned out rigid marketing campaigns that many major brands swear by. Instead, this is marketing that moves at a faster pace—marketing that has the flexibility to change and adapt at a moments notice. It’s always-on marketing and it is becoming the new norm.

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15 Businesses N5R Applauds For Creative Consistent Branding (Part 2)

In case you missed yesterday’s blog, we posted Part 1 our list of 15 Businesses That N5R Applauds For Their Creative And Consistent Branding. Today we’ve got Part 2 of that list and if you did miss yesterday’s blog check it out here.

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David Ogilvy’s Lessons In Social Media Marketing

Born in 1911 and expelled from Oxford in 1931—who would have thought that David Ogilvy would know so much about marketing with social media?

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Top 5 Social Media Blunders To Avoid


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Top 4 Reasons Why Users “Like” Brands on Facebook


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4 Ways To Increase Your Sales With LinkedIn Premium Accounts

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