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Ranked 2 years in a row as a Profit Hot 50 Fastest Growing Company

Profit Magazine 


I have attended hundreds of seminars in my life. If I walk away with one good point, I consider it a successful day; today I walked away with no less than 10 points that will definitely save us money and help us sell quicker.

Brian Scott/Trump International 


If everyone had the energy, enthusiasm and knowledge that Roman Bodnarchuk does, then all projects would be successful. His creativity and approach is based on common sense and seeing what is, in most cases, right in front of your eyes. He has a way of taking the difficult and making it simple! I highly recommend him and his company for the right project.

Joy Anzalone, Chief Operating Officer/Consolidated Management Inc


The strategy session was time well spent by our team! The agenda was thought provoking and inspired the team to review every aspect of the sales and marketing program, from the ground up!

Dominic Amicone, President/Bob-Lo Island Resort Community


Roman’s Seminar was incredibly informative. Very, very helpful in helping me figure out how to market various real estate developments. I will definitely be using it in my practice in my marketing company to help my various clients.

Laura Rosner, Marketing and Creative Strategy/VirtualMG


N5R is one of those rare creative agencies that has developed a special understanding of the real estate industry and demographics that drives it. I strongly believe there are few agencies that compete with their speed and execution.

Gary Carter, CEO/Resort Owners Group 



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