3 Specialists Your 2016 Condo Sales Team Needs

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Thu, Jan 14, 2016 @ 11:01 AM


From personal experience, I've only ever seen three types of people on an effective condo sales team. You need the caller, the closer, and the contract perfectionist—it's unlikely you'll find a sales team member who excels at all three. Some of them are capable of performing more than one job, but even so, they have a strong preference and a specialty. Here are three kinds of specialists you need on your condo sales team in 2016.

The Call Specialist


This specialist is focused on taking a lead and booking them to a meeting. They work primarily with phone calls. They do have the skills to be The Closer, but they would rather focus on this first and very important stage of making the sale. Like a leadoff hitter in baseball, they're there to set the table for who comes next, to get everything started.

The Closer


This specialist may have a big ego and prefer fancy cars, and feel it's beneath them to do administrative or CRM stuff, but you need them. They do their research and personality profile on the lead who just got booked by The Call Specialist; in fact, they have a similar enough skill set to do The Call Specialist's job, but The Closer, like a closing pitcher in baseball, has one preferred focus: closing the sale. Don't try to make them do paperwork, and you'll keep them happy.

The Contract Specialist

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This specialist has the key task of making sure the contract is done perfectly, because the contract is where many deals get messed up. They may be less of a people person than The Call Specialist or The Closer, but you need their skill set to get things done right. Don't try to make them do sales calls or meet the customer, and you'll keep them happy.

We all have different personalities. When assembling a condo sales team, make sure each person gets to play to their strengths and be a specialist, because trying to assign them into a role where they don't fit is a recipe for staff turnover.

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