4 Reasons for Using Social Media in the Workplace

Posted by Dmytro Matvisyk on Mon, Apr 27, 2015 @ 16:04 PM

As social media has grown into a great platform for networking, more businesses are beginning to join sites such as Facebook and Twitter as an outlet for advertising and creating a closer connection with customers. Anyone can start their own social media profile, but it’s becoming more important than ever before in the office, and here’s why:

4 Reasons for Using Social Media in the Workplace:

1) Blurred Divide Between Personal and Work Life

Whether you like it or not, it’s much more difficult today to separate your personal life with your work life. Creating different social media accounts for personal and business use won’t fool anyone since a quick search on Google can reveal everything there is to know about you. Instead, you can merge the two and create a network that will help grow your business.

2) Keeps Others Updated

As soon as someone accepts your invites to your social media pages, they are able to receive any notifications and updates you send out. It can be a status update or a link to your business’s website, and everyone on your network will see it. Anyone that notices your posts will be reminded of you and your work.

3) It’s Quick, Easy and Free

It takes seconds to send out an invite to your social media page to someone and often takes a minute to post an update. You can do this by yourself. You won’t need help from the IT department or get a budget approval. It costs you nothing and you can send out updates at any point during the day. 



4) Helps Reach Leads

While emails and phone calls are still an important part of the sales process, social media can help get a response from an important lead. Instead of relying on the voicemails you left over the phone hoping to hear back from the person, try sending out messages through your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It’s the ultimate follow-up and will increase your chances of getting a call back.

How often do you use social media in the workplace?



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