4 Reasons Why it is Crucial to Add your Prospect on Social Media

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Mon, Feb 01, 2016 @ 08:02 AM


Just after your first interaction with your prospect is it critical to add them on all forms of social media. At this point you are still fresh in their minds, so it won’t come across as bothersome, and it will give them a chance to further explore your business. It is through social media that you can express personality, successes and other updates.


Add them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


The opportunities that arise from social media are potentially limitless. Marketing through social media can be a very powerful tool. The more people you connect with and the more times you post you drive up your chances of connecting with new leads. Keeping on top of your social media campaign can help you gain followers leads and brand advocates. You are aiming for the most exposure possible and in turn it will increase your website traffic.

1. They Will Hear from You All of the Time

The more you post the more they will become familiar with your brand. You will be on their personal news feeds, giving them direct access to your content. The more often they see your content, the more reliable you become in their eyes. Trust is being built through consistent social media interaction and it is through the building of trust that prospects are converted into clients. This is a way of nurturing the lead, allowing them to feel secure. You are now a trusted resource, someone they would feel comfortable buying from. 


2. It is All About Touch Points

We know it takes 7 touch points to close a sale. A touchpoint is any time where a prospect comes in contact with your business, either in person or through marketing tools. It is the way that you reach your prospective buyers. That means that every time your prospect reads one of your social media posts you are one touch point closer to your sale. One in seven people on the planet use Facebook and over two hundred million use LinkedIn. Every update you make is a potential touch point for future leads and clients. It doesn’t matter what stage they are in of the Inbound Methodology, social media will be helpful. 


3. They Can Share Your Content 

As soon as a prospect hits share, your content is now promoted to their personal contact list. This is a group of people that you may have never known you could reach. Not only does this increase your exposure, this is now coming from a trusted friend or family member. You have their personal endorsement of your company, this is an invaluable opportunity. 


4. It is a Personal Touch 

Take the time to personalize a message! Use their name; reply to their tweet or post, get in on the conversation. It is important to make your prospects feel special and to let them know that they are important. These personalized messages can range from solving customer service concerns to delighting them.  

Social media is pre-segmented as it is going directly to people who have chosen to be kept in the loop. This allows you to personalize the content that you are sharing with them on each stream. Stay current, know what your leads are interested in and talking about. You can use this information to taylor your posts towards their preferences.


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