5 Core Ideas That Harness Social Media Power Part 5: Makes the Stories Social

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Sat, Dec 20, 2014 @ 12:12 PM

Make the Stories Social

Anyone who has ever questioned the use of social media in the digital age need only look to Tourism Australia in order to understand its power.


This blog entry is part 5 of a mini-series that explores Tourism Australia’s 5 core social media ideas and identifies what lessons can be learned from this amazing inbound marketing campaign.

  1. Introduction: Tourism Australia Case Study
  2. Create Platforms that Fans Can Build On
  3. Make Fans the Heroes
  4. Surf Waves
  5. Make the Stories Social
  6. Test and Learn

Make the Stories Social

Every post that Tourism Australia puts up is designed with a very specific goal in mind. Yes, every post tells a story, but more than that, it hopes to give a story to tell.

By constantly asking fans to build on the story or share their own thoughts, perspectives, and experiences around it, posts take on a life of their own.

Using photos to tell social stories

Using photos to tell these stories is particularly important. As one of the most visually distinct regions in the world, photos are a perfect medium to both tell Australia’s stories and remind fans of their own.

When people see the pictures that are posted they get the chance to say, “Hey, I’ve been there,” or “I’ve done that.” The stories are always expanding and fans are always discovering new, shared experiences.

But don't forget the importance of video!

Building the App: Discover Australia Through Friends

They’ve even managed to take this strategy a step further by creating the Discover Australia Through Friends App.

Not only does this ingenious app help users discover interesting places to go in Australia, but it also does it by finding experiences your own friends have had and shared from those places.

Imagine trying to pick a vacation spot and finding out that your old college roommate just had an amazing time in Melbourne, complete with all their trip photos. That’s some pretty powerful stuff.

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