5 Core Ideas That Harness Social Media Power Part 1: Tourism Australia Case Study

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Tue, Dec 16, 2014 @ 10:12 AM

Introduction: Tourism Australia Case Study


Anyone who has ever questioned the use of social media in the digital age need only look to Tourism Australia in order to understand its power.

A destination marketer, Tourism Australia has cultivated a brilliant understanding of social networking. Although its operation encompasses 22 markets in 17 languages and is home to a workforce of about 200 employees, only 3 of those employees have social media titles.

How then, is it possible that in 2012, Australia became the most popular travel destination on Facebook, Google+ and Instagram?

Introducing the 5 core ideas that harness social media power

According to the Slideshare presentation Tourism Australia released entitled “The World’s Biggest Social Media Team,” they achieved social media sucess by sticking to 5 core ideas.

This blog entry launches a short series that explores each idea and identifies what lessons can be learned from this amazing inbound marketing campaign.

  1. Introduction: Tourism Australia Case Study
  2. Create Platforms that Fans Can Build On
  3. Make Fans the Heroes
  4. Surf Waves
  5. Make the Stories Social
  6. Test and Learn

Watch as I explain, in Hong Kong, why it's imperative for companies to use social media:

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