5 Core Ideas That Help Harness Social Media Power Part 6: Test and Learn

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Sun, Dec 21, 2014 @ 13:12 PM

Test and Learn



Anyone who has ever questioned the use of social media in the digital age need only look to Tourism Australia in order to understand its power.

This is the last blog entry of a mini-series that explores Tourism Australia’s 5 core social media ideas and identifies what lessons can be learned from this amazing inbound marketing campaign.

  1. Introduction: Tourism Australia Case Study
  2. Create Platforms that Fans Can Build On
  3. Make Fans the Heroes
  4. Surf Waves
  5. Make the Stories Social
  6. Test and Learn

Test and Learn

The team at Tourism Australia says that they learned this lesson when they started their Google+ brand page. Apparently, they had originally thought to approach the Google+ page in the same way that they had approached the creation of their Facebook page.

Improving the Google+ page with interesting facts

The page was performing well, but it wasn’t going crazy until the day they decided to mix things up and see how posting interesting facts about Australia would help the page’s performance.

In only 3 months’ time, followers of the Google+ page grew by over 730,000 followers. It only goes to show that changing your content and testing the results is the best path to continued success with online marketing.tourism_australia

Not every social network is alike

Not every social network is alike and you can’t simply approach all of them with the same strategy. To be successful, marketers have to be innovative and understand that the biggest benefit of social media marketing is its inherent ability to track results.

Tourism Australia understands this and their success is no coincidence.

Mini-series Summary

So there you have it. The 5 big ideas that have made Tourism Australia’s social media marketing the most successful of any travel destination in the world.

  • Create Platforms that Fans Can Build On
  • Make Fans the Heroes
  • Surf Waves
  • Make the Stories Social
  • Test and Learn

It’s a simple model and it can be applied to just about any social media campaign. Use what Tourism Australia’s 3-person social media team has already learned and your potential for success will be endless.

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