5 Steps in a Sales Process

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Wed, Oct 29, 2014 @ 14:10 PM

Before closing on a sale, you must first entice a client to want to work with you. During your sales process you need make your potential client feel important  while also showcasing what your business has to offer. Following these steps will increase you chances of succeeding in your end goal – setting up a meeting.

5 Steps in a Sales Process:

1) Make Them Come to You

The first step in a sales process before getting in contact with a client is instead of reaching out to them, make them come to you first. Have a page on your website where they can register and give you their contact information. After they register, it will be your responsibility to get in contact over the phone.

2) The Five Minute Rule in a Sales Process

Always call potential clients within five minutes following their registration on your website. There is research that has shown calling a potential client three hours later compared to much sooner will worsen your chances of setting up a meeting by 100 times.

Nobody likes wasting their time being kept on-hold over the phone. Calling someone within five minutes shows respect and makes the individual see you as a good prospect for someone to work with.


3) Send a Thank You Email

Whether or not you reach the person, always send a thank you email. This shows that you have noticed their registration and will be calling them back soon. This is also your chance to send them your sales video.

4) Impact of  a Sales Video

A sales video will do more during your sales process than any pamphlet or PowerPoint can. Attaching it to your thank you email will allow clients to learn more about your business and gain more interest in it than if they were forced to read the information. No matter how well you can sell your business, you’ll rarely be more captivating than a video.

5) Call Back and Set Up a Meeting

The last step in the sales process is to set up a meeting. When you call them following their registration, make sure the individual has seen your sales video first before you speak to them. If they haven’t, give them the time to watch the video and call them back later. A sales video is a good lead up to everything you have to say. Once they have watched your video and have spoken to you, you can set up a meeting.

How important is the five minute rule in your business?


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