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N5R is an internationally recognized real estate market leader in next generation advertising technologies such as social media marketing implementation.

With our innovative marketing tools we manage to keep promotional costs to a minimum with an extremely successful control of leads and prospect costumers.

Our goal is to help you company triple its sales with the lowest possible investment in marketing efforts.

Through innovative tactics, N5R set records for fastest condo conversion sellouts ever, including 367 units worth $90 million dollars in 90 minutes in Phoenix, Ariz.

N5R is conveniently located at 2487 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario.
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TweetLister is a new Twitter tool that serves a specific function, namely the posting of property listings of every kind. Using it, anybody can post as many listings as he wants, and do so at the frequency he wishes. In practice, that means that if you wish to post the very same property daily for two months you can do it easily. 
Using this service entails logging in by furnishing your Twitter particulars, and then a Control Panel for you to post and manage listings will be produced. When posting a property, you have to specify concrete data such as whether you are selling, renting or leasing it, along with the type of property in question. A nice feature is that you can also enter a URL that will give users more details about the listing itself. 
Other than that, TweetLister merits no further explanations. Seeing how many people are flocking to Twitter as of late, the time as never been more right for the release of new applications. This one provides an interesting service which is absolutely free, and that might pick up quite a momentum.

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How Real Estate Pros are Using Social Media for Real Results


Over the past two years, real estate professionals have found creative ways to overcome the real estate crisis, including finding innovative uses for social media. After facing drops in home sales well into 2010, real estate pros have been forced to utilize their offline skills in an increasingly social way online. By using photo and video sharing to enhance listings, along with professional networking sites to hone their sales skills, real estate veterans have made strides in moving inventory in tough times.
Agents, brokers and realtors have found successes in lead generation, sales and brand building through use of mass audience social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Meetup, and LinkedIn, as well as real estate specific platforms, like Trulia, Zillow, WellcomeMat and Architizer.
Whether they are sharing videos, listings or advice with their communities and prospective buyers or sellers, real estate pros are making progress in using social media for real results

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Roost Helps Real Estate Agents Customize Their Facebook Page

With more small, local businesses using social media to establish an online presence, real estate agents and brokers are no exception, which is why is now helping them instantly customize their Facebook Page. The application, called “Social Real Estate”, gives viewers a snapshot of the agent’s listing market.

Features of Roost’s Facebook application include:

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