Assume The Condo Sale

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Fri, Feb 05, 2016 @ 11:02 AM

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In this video from an Condo Mastery seminar in Adelaide, Australia, Roman discusses how effective it is to assume you will make the sale. If you already believe you will sell the condo, your approach to the contract meeting changes.

For example, you should print contracts that are already filled out, instead of making the customer fill out everything. Saving them some work looks great on you.

At 0:20 - If you're sure a customer is down to two possible choices of condo, which one do you put in the contract you're filling out for them. The answer: both. You print two contracts. Hear why.

At 1:00 - Don't ask the customer whether they'll be purchasing a condo today. Ask them questions to make sure you filled out their contract properly.

At 1:24 - "Because they're scared. I'm making this easy...." 

At 1:35 - "Nobody comes to a second appointment if they're not going to buy. They have better things to do!"

At 2:23 - What do you do if the customer pushes back and says they're unsure?

At 3:02 - "If it doesn't work, it's okay... if they're not ready, I understand." Ask what's holding them back, or what the sticking point is.

At 3:35 - How projects are just about never built on time, and there's no such thing as an issue-free product. It's normal for people to complain. Ask specific questions and move on.

At 4:41 - "You see how I'm speaking to her? Because I've earned the right to be her friend at this point..."

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"I thoroughly enjoyed the days we spent training with Roman, I have already applied a lot of the things he taught us to my daily routine. I am now extremely motivated to see how well I can push myself." - Jordan Williams, Project Consultant

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