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Learn the Timeshare Sales Approach


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Make Everything Trackable, With Real Time Marketing.

 Make Everything Trackable, In Real Time Marketing.


What really works for your real estate business?

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Choose the Phone Over Email

38% of communication comes from your voice tonality, and 55% comes from body language.

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Identify Hot Leads & Hit Them Fast.

Know Who’s Hot & Hit Them Fast (Mistake : Letting Prospects Get Away)

It’s Not Catch-&-Release

 Expecting someone to buy a condo on their first visit to the sales office is like proposing marriage on a first date and expecting the person to say yes. Only 1% of people who walk into a sales office will make that big purchase commitment in the first visit.

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What You Say Isn’t Everything You’re Saying

 Learn more from Condo Mastery:

The words you say account for only 7% of what you communicate. So words are only 7% of what your customers hear from you!

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People Buy Real Estate When They See Others Buying.

People Buy Real Estate  When They See Others Buying. (Mistake : An Empty Sales Office).

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Selling is Communicating, and You Already Do It


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Speak To Your Market Segments. Your Market Is Homogenous.

Speak To Your Market Segments. (Mistake : Thinking Your Market Is Homogenous)

One Size Does Not Fit All

 In the age of personalization, rarely will you find that a single product can apply to every person in the same way. This is also true for real estate marketing. A single ad message won’t appeal to baby boomers, new couples and single mothers at once.

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5 Steps in Lead Nurturing

5 Steps in Lead Nurturing

An important part of your business is to keep yourself noticed. Nowadays, there are so many methods to advertise, especially online. Lead nurturing is a way to increase potential leads through sending automatic emails. It’s a great way to inform and connect with those in your database, while also building visits to your website.

N5R's Roman Bodnarchuk speaks in Hong Kong about the importance of lead nurturing:

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Traditional Realty Advertising Won’t Sell.

Traditional Realty Advertising Won’t Sell. (Don't Try To Sell Only With Logic)

Love Isn’t Logical

Flip through most condo sales ads and you’ll see the same thing: diagrams, numbers and renderings. Informative, technical and boring. These ads are cold and only inspire the architect or designer. This does not appeal to buyers who purchase property for countless reasons, all unrelated to square footage and floor plans.

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