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N5R achieves Silver Agency Status with HubSpot

On behalf of N5R, we're honoured that online and inbound marketing company, HubSpot, has named N5R a Silver Agency among its VAR agencies, the only agency in Canada to receive the certification.

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Top 3 Predictions for Toronto's Condo Show 2011

I'm looking forward to this year's Toronto's Condo Show at the Hyatt Regency this weekend. All the players will be there to meet prospective condo buyers and showcase their wares among a captive audience - from young professionals looking for their first home to savvy real estate investors looking for the best value. Here are my three (3) predictions for The Condo Show:

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Two secrets your ad agency won’t tell you…

I've been in the business for many years and have seen the re-balancing of how Canadians consume media. As a recent Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission reports states: "Approximately 95 per cent of Canadian households can access broadband services using land-line facilities." And, according to recent data from Web research firm comScore, Canadians spend more time online than anyone else on Earth. And yet I still see high-profile marketing and advertising agencies avoid recommending Internet marketing to their real estate clients. 

In this hot condo real estate market in Toronto, real estate developers can find ways to break through the clutter; but at the same time they may have respond to their agency's hesitation. Why do traditional agencies shy away from leveraging "online" opportunities? I'll reveal a few in this short video. 
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Hot Toronto Condos – King West Condominiums

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Web 2.0 Summit 2011: Mary Meeker and Internet Trends

By Thomas Claburn InformationWeek

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Gmail Overhaul?

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Traditional Realty Advertising Won't Sell.

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People Buy Real Estate When They See Others Buying

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3 Reasons Why Google+ Might Just be the Next Best Thing

Google+ is a social networking platform, but there are so many faces to it. You can say it's like Facebook, except it’s more fresh. You could say it’s like Twitter, but more appealing. You can even separate who views your information by sharing it with particular Circles, or groups of people.
What’s more, be aware that Google+ is the largest directory backed by the biggest search engine in the universe. You may have heard of them; Google. How could Googlebe wrong? Google+ has a ton of additional features, including Google Places for location and an unbelievable potential for integrating even more of Google's services in the future. So why exactly am I making such a bold statement? Why do I feel it might be the next best thing? Let us count the ways.
  • It Can Help Your Business. Social networks are designed to imitate and copy real-world connectivity and information-sharing. They're designed to add to, but not replace social functions where people get to know each other. Google+ allows you to share media and data with everyone, or simply with your chosen Circles.
  • It’s Different. Everything you do inside stays inside. Second, Facebook and LinkedIn both adopt more of an "elite" model, which means that you have to know people to gain knowledge. That's why so many companies are pushing for "likes”, retweets, and shares.
  • Get In Now. Now’s the time to start! Simply put, it's important to take action on Google+ right now. Get familiar with the features, start building and nurturing connections and learn how to share and you'll be ahead of the pack.
I’m not often one for making such bold, out there statements, but I think Google+ warrants it. How are you using Google+ for business and personally? Let us know in the comments section.

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Google Analytics launches in Real-Time

In the coming weeks, Google Analytics in Real-Timewill make it easier to track your site traffic than ever before. I'd like to share with you some of my favourite features of this program.
  • Measuring social media impact. One method of using these reports is to gauge the instant impact of social media. Whenever a new blog is posted, a tweet is sent out. With Real-Time, we see the immediate impact to site traffic.
  • Campaign measurement
    Another way to use Real-Time is to make sure campaign tracking is accurately implemented before launching a campaign. When preparing to launch a campaign it’s crucial to make sure your measurement plan is working before you start driving visitors to the page. With the Real-Time reports you learn almost instantly whether you’re getting the data you want in Google Analytics.
  • Accessing Real-Time. You’ll find the Real-Time reports only in the new version of Google Analytics. If you’re not already using the new version, you can start by clicking the “New Version” link in the top right of the screen. Real-Time reports are in the Dashboards tab (though they will move to the Home tab in the updated interface next week). You will have access to Real-Time reports if you are an Administrator on your Analytics account, or if you have access to a profile without profile filters. Real-Time does not support profile filters.

    Currently, the lucky few have access to Google Analytics in Real-Time, however in the coming weeks everyone will have access. For the next few weeks, the remainder of us will just have to be patient. We’d love to hear about how you are using (or planning to use) Real-Time, so tell us about it in the comments section!

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