B2B Facebook Ad Targeting in 2016

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Wed, Jan 13, 2016 @ 11:01 AM


With the advent of social media comes more nuanced ad targeting than ever before. Imagine that every time all your different condo buyers went to the same mall, or went for a walk, they didn't all see the same bus shelter ads or billboards—imagine whatever you saw in these ad spaces is what only that one person sees. An ad just for them, but not their your mailbox or inbox, out there where they're doing your usual thing. That mall, that street, it's called social media and all your customers go there, whether they're real estate investors, condo buyers, new home buyers, anybody. Most of us may be on the same Facebook, for example, but each person's Facebook shows them something different. You can make that work for your sales team. Here are three steps to take when forming your condo social marketing strategy in 2016.

Targeting Facebook Ads at Specific Executives? Connect With Them.

I don't mean that you should connect with someone just to post on their wall all the time, or message them constantly; that can get you blocked pretty fast. You can start by connecting with them; most people will say yes, and it helps if you've met this lead in person or have contacted them elsewhere. This helps enable some Facebook ad features I am about to discuss.


Surround Your Individual Targets With Your Ads.

After following the first step, Facebook definitely will let you direct your ads at this one human. Once you set your targeting, you don't need to worry about the usual pitfalls of social media ads, where a larger audience might misclick the ad from time to time and you're made to pay for it. The intended effect is that your one target sees you every time they log in, as if your ads are as ubiquitous as Coca-Cola for just this one person. Be a big fish to a small number of people.

Have a Lead Email Database? Upload it to Facebook.

Facebook accounts are set up by email, and those emails are searchable. You can upload those emails to your Facebook ad account and set up ads to people who have already opted in by giving you their email addresses.

The other places for B2B leads are Twitter and LinkedIn, which when used in combination with Facebook can be pretty powerful. LinkedIn especially lets you target ads by company and by job description.

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