Best ways to follow up with your leads

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Wed, Oct 21, 2015 @ 15:10 PM




Imagine being able to know the status of an email you sent last week.

Imagine being able to find out who is visiting your website right now.

You want to know when messages are being opened, when proposals are viewed. When leads are browsing your site and what they are searching for.

We will help you to understand the best ways to follow up with your leads!


 One of the best tools in the following up process is “Signals”. You instantly get notified when your message was opened. You can download it for free for your iPhone, iPad or any computer. You can use it with Outlook, Gmail and any other email system. Set it up with your Hubspot account and you will be notified every single time your leads come back to your website!

This is the best opportunity to make a move! This is the best time to reach out to your leads!

Think about it; there is no way you can browse around in the store and nobody comes to you for assistance.

So why do we let our visitors hang out on our website without any help?! Any direction?!

When leads are on your website- they are at peak interest- and as a sales professional you should use that moment to make a call

Do research on the person, the company, so you know who you are talking to. Send them a video before a call so you have things to discuss. 

Videos are way more credible than you or I ever will be.

Remember, your call is not about selling, do not go into details and descriptions.  The only thing the phone is for- make an appointment!  Ask one single question: “What did you like the best?”. You have to find out because with this information you will close the deal.

This is the key thing - “What did you like the best?”.

Capture that!

If you have leads who are not able to meet with you in person use another amazing tool for the follow up – Skype video call.
With Skype you can do screen sharing, you can transfer documents, and the most important-
you can see the person, his/her reactions, expressions, body language and have control of the situation!    
The last powerful thing we can advise for your follow up call - make sure you have the list with key bullets in front of you. This is the only way to be consistent.



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