Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Posted by Mark Herson on Wed, May 30, 2012 @ 13:05 PM

The main objective for every business is to maximize profits, which is attainable by cutting costs. As our society shifts to a technological lifestyle, we are seeing first-hand the impact it’s having in the business world. Companies are adapting and shifting from traditional outbound marketing outlets like:

-          Billboards                                                        

-          Radio Ads                            

-          Cold Calls

-          Flyers

-          Television 

 To inbound marketing outlets to help generate traffic and improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Outlets include:                                                                         social media

-          Twitter                                                       

-          Facbook

-          Linkedin

-          Pintrust

-          Blogging

-          Youtube 

Companies are falling in love with the efficiency of inbound marketing. Mainly that it is more cost efficient and they are able to connect with potential leads in real time. The picture below will show you a recent study performed by Hubspot, which compares the cost-efficiency of using Inbound outlets to that of Outbound outlets. 


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