5 Pointers to Remember When Writing a Blog Post

Posted by Mark Herson on Wed, Jun 06, 2012 @ 10:06 AM

In today’s business world, companies from all sectors have recognized the importance of blogging. It has become a way to connect directly with your target market. With its main objective to increase  rank in search engines through creating original and interesting content, blogging has helped companies ranging from all sizes accomplish their goals in a cost efficient manner. Here are some pointers to remember when wanting to write a stellar: blog post

1) Make sure that your posts are not too long as people don’t have the time nor are they interested in reading pages beyond pages

2) Original content is very important as it helps distinguish you from others.

3) Use bullet points or dashes to make information clearer for readers.

4) Show visuals

5) Timing is everything. You could have written a spectacular blog post, but by deciding to publish it at the wrong time, you risk fewer views, translating into less potential leads.

Here is a study done by Hubspot showing the peaking times of when most people read blog posts.

blogging reading

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