The "Key" to Successful Blogging

Posted by Mark Herson on Wed, Jun 13, 2012 @ 08:06 AM

Have you ever written a blog post and wondered why you didn’t get as much traffic as you would have liked? Aside from original and interesting content, a lot of writers fail to recognize the importance of keywords. Keywords are a group of words that target a specific market. Keywords help distinguish your content from others to ensure that search engines like Google and Yahoo rank your website higher in search results. Here is an example of using keywords to benefit your business:


Imagine you were selling a property located directly on the water. You wouldn’t want to use words like ‘beach’ and ‘water’ because they are too general and common amongst other businesses. Using specific phrases such as ‘waterfront views’ or ‘shoreline estate’ will help target interested leads that are searching for something specific.

A program I recommend which features an effective keyword grader is Hubspot. It allows users to see the level of competiveness, so they can determine whether you should attempt to rank a certain term or phrase.

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To learn more, make sure you click the following link and regesiter.Click me

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