5 Perks to Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Posted by Mark Herson on Mon, Jun 18, 2012 @ 09:06 AM


There is more to Facebook than we think, aside from sharing pictures, writing on friend’s walls and interacting with friends using Facebook applications. Facebook has also been used as primary marketing tool. Companies ranging from all different sizes can benefit from using Facebook for their marketing campaigns. Facebook is currently in the testing stages of a new ad targeting option. This feature will allow ads to correlate with a user’s web browsing activity. Here are 5 perks of using Facebook as a marketing tool:

1) Marketers have the ability to focus more on real-time advertising. 

2) Companies running Facebook ads can specify time-sensitive campaigns and promotions.

3) Facebook is a cost-efficient resource for marketing to an abundance of users.

4) Marketers will be able to show viewers relevant content directed to specific target markets.

5) Facebook is easy and accessible to use.

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