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Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Sat, Nov 10, 2012 @ 22:11 PM

One Size Does Not Fit All

In the age of personalization, rarely will you find that a single product can apply to every person in the same way. This is also true for real estate marketing. A single ad message won’t appeal to baby boomers, new couples and single mothers at once.

The Need

  • Developers generally use a single campaign image, tone and message to appeal to every market segment they are hoping to capture.

    • This strategy is usually wrong, because different groups of buyers are looking for different selling points.

    • An ad message that appeals to a baby boomer couple looking for a second home is not the same as one that will appeal to a single mother who wants a nice community to raise her child.

    • This is why one-to-many marketing is never as cost-effective or successful as one-to-one marketing.

The N5R Solution

  • We begin each project with a clear understanding of both the property and the prospects.

  • We consider the psychographics and demographics of your different marketing segments:

    • Socioeconomic status, background, interests

    • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter profiles

    • Market segmentation between Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • This allows us to discover the emotional touchpoints for each group of potential buyers and to customize marketing efforts for people who fit the profiles.

We can send direct mail which appeals to your major marketing segments and leads people to a personalized website, where they view compelling information related to their interests (the bad weather in their area, compared to the beautiful weather at their new condo, for instance).

We can also create targeted e-newsletters and e-mail campaigns. Based on lead tracking information, we can set up timed and automated messaging which send just the right messages to each lead – and at just the right time, every time. This can also be done over SMS, where applicable.

Not only can we monitor campaign results and serious prospects, but we can also create separate imagery and messaging for each group. Targeted marketing allows us to maximize your budget by spending it on ads that are individually effective, rather than a monolithic message that will only interest some people. Using these unique methods, N5R has realized up to 500% better response rates than with traditional advertising.Targeted Customer



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