Tell A Good Real Estate Story

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Tue, Nov 06, 2012 @ 10:11 AM

Facts tell, stories sell

Salesperson A brings a young couple to a new condo and shows them around. She talks about the square footage of each room, the fixtures and the number of closets. The potential buyers look around and see a house like any other.

Salesperson B brings another couple to the same property. She talks about how the second bedroom would make a charming nursery or great home office. She mentions the lovely parks and new shopping center nearby. She says how wonderful it would be to enjoy a cool drink in the evenings on the private patio. The couple looks around and sees potential—their lives would make sense here.

The best real estate broker is not the one who knows the facts and figures, but the one who knows how to take that information and bring the property to life, pulling buyers into the story.

The Need

Buyers do not respond to floor plans and square footage, but to emotions.

Both sales and marketing efforts must build a cohesive, compelling story that speaks to each prospect on an emotional level.

This appeals not only to their natural human interest in a good story, but promises a lifestyle that suits their aspirations or existing expectations.


The N5R Solution

Whether it’s your ad campaign or your sales team, the story must be targeted, emotional and consistent at every point of contact.

  • We build a consistent campaign for each of your major market segments, and we carry this messaging from the initial contact to the online experience and all the way through to discussions with the salesperson.

  • The ability to tell a compelling story distinguishes a great realtor from merely a good one, and it is often what closes the deal.

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