What Your Marketing Agency Won't Tell You

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Fri, Nov 16, 2012 @ 11:11 AM

This is the companion video to the previously posted Secrets Your Ad Agency Will Never Tell You. It continues the discussion of things that other marketing agencies may not mention when quoting projects and executing strategy for your company. See if any of this sounds familiar.

A major point from the video:

Number one, condo developers love to spend money on beautiful sales offices, and trust me, as a guy that spends 230 days a year in condo sales office I love hanging out in gorgeous environments, but there's an interesting thing we've learned in doing this for 13 years.

For every one person that walks into your condo sales office, that again we've got clients spending two million dollars on an office, they actually have 100 people visiting their website. And we thought this was a unique trend in certain markets.

We've now seen this trend in over 30 cities in 10 countries in 150 projects.

How much money do you think people spend on their condo office versus their sales website, when 99% of their leads arrive via the website? What do you imagine the cost-per-lead is as a result? Watch the whole thing for this and other ideas. It's just three minutes of your time.

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