4 Ways To Increase Your Sales With LinkedIn Premium Accounts

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Fri, Jan 11, 2013 @ 15:01 PM

Increase you LinkedIn Sales

LinkedIn is a great social media marketing resource but often underused as a powerful social media sales tool. LinkedIn offers a variety of premium accounts, each offering the user a selection of benefits. Among the benefits you get a premium badge which displays on your profile and an expanded look at which users have viewed your profile. While these tools are handy, below are four other tips how a LinkedIn Premium Accounts can help boost your LinkedIn sales and LinkedIn marketing efforts.

You've Got Mail – LinkedIn provides a great tool known as InMail that allows you to reach out to other users and make a personal connection. Unlike other LinkedIn communications, no introduction or contact information is needed with InMail. LinkedIn even backs their InMail with a seven day response guarantee!

Get Personal – InMail is great, but it's best used to get a conversation started. Using your contact's LinkedIn profile, find something in common – similar background, a connection, a shared interest – and break the ice. Making a personal connection with your audience is a great way to bridge the sometimes impersonal nature of the internet. 

Short and Sweet – Keep you InMail brief to guarantee the strongest chance of success. Get to the point quickly and give the recipient a reason to reply to your message. Asking for a followup discussion could be a great gateway to an in-depth conversation later.

Work Smarter – LinkedIn's premium accounts save you time and allow you to save searches for future use. Rather than continually re-entering each search over and over again, you can set up saved searches that will alert you when new results turn up in LinkedIn's database. Time saved on menial tasks such as searches, allows you to spend more time to increase sales that count. Time is money!


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