Top 4 Reasons Why Consumer's “Unlike” Your Brand on Facebook

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Mon, Jan 14, 2013 @ 15:01 PM

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There are over 1 billion users now active on Facebook. That's one in seven people on the planet! With so many active users, it's no wonder that it's important for you to get your message out on Facebook. More importantly, a recent study by Lab42 found that 87% of users “like” brands on Facebook and 50% of users believe that a brand's Facebook page is more useful than a brand's website! Whether you are selling your product directly to the public or providing B2B services, Facebook is crucial in delivering your social media message. Getting on Facebook is easy, however once you're on Facebook, how do you make sure that your consumers won't hit the dreaded “unlike” button? Below are the top 4 reasons why consumer's “unlike” Facebook pages.

  1. Stop the Flood – Most consumers use Facebook to stay connected with their immediate social circles. When brands begin to post too frequently, they begin to flood their consumers news feeds. Make sure you aren't posting too frequently. How many times a day are you posting? Reducing the frequency of your posts can go a long way in keeping as many “likes” as possible.

  2. Customers First – Sometimes it's the small things that cause users to “unlike” a brand. A simple bad customer experience may lose you not just a virtual Facebook “like,” but you may also lose a customer for life. Make sure you're always delivering the best customer experience possible.

  3. It's Not You, It's Me – The truth is that consumer tastes occasionally change. When a consumers tastes change, a consumer may just stop liking your brand, not just on Facebook. This change of heart can be from a variety of factors and it may not be personal, however there may be warning signs that you might lose a customer. Are you receiving negative feedback? Listen to your customers and see if you can address consumer concerns.

  4. Pride On the Line – 22% of users have stated that they are simply “too embarassed” to like a certain brand. Since friends and family see all of the brands and pages that a consumer “likes,” some products have fallen into categories that people are too embarrassed to share. The three categories of products that users appear to be most embarrassed about are: adult novelty items, weight loss/diet products, and services surrounding health/wellness. If you fall into these categories, some consumers may never “like” you publicly – but I'm sure they still like you at heart.

    Stay tuned tomorrow for some more Facebook marketing facts and why consumers “like” brands through social media channels.

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