Innovative Marketing Lessons: Selling Olay To A New Generation

Posted by Ben Scotland on Tue, Apr 02, 2013 @ 12:04 PM

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Today we’re taking another look back at one of N5R’s many successful projects and sharing the marketing lessons that we learned.

The Challenge

P&G came to us with a problem. They had a great brand that had experienced continued success for decades called Olay. The problem was that newer generations of women weren’t using it because they associated too much with what their grandmothers had used. That meant that N5R had to find a way to make this product more relevant and top of mind for young consumers.

The Solution

We came up with an idea called The Real Skin Age. It was a scientific survey that asked questions about participants’ lifestyles, like how much water do you drink of how much time do you spend in the sun? P&G scientists provided us with the questions and also the back end support we needed to put the survey online. This was where we new our younger generations could be reached. Participants could submit their questions with the push of a button and the backend programing would immediately determine the participant’s “the true age of their skin,” giving them an idea of how their lifestyle choices are effecting the appearance of their skin.

We didn’t stop there though. Participants of the survey had given us tons of great information about their personal skin issues. We utilized the insights that we had gained from the survey to send out mailers to participants with samples of skin care products we knew would work best for their particular skin.

The Results

This was one of the most successful online campaigns ever. It’s now been running for over a decade and millions of participants have filled out the survey. Not only that, but participants enjoyed the survey so much that it went viral almost immediately. We spent almost no money promoting the survey because participants were promoting it for us by emailing it to all their friends.

The Lesson

Give Customers Something They Can Use

If your campaign provides value to your customers, they’ll be more likely to send it around to they’re friends. You can save a lot of money on advertising and promotion by allowing your customers to promote for you. Give them something of value and give your marketing campaign a better chance of going viral.

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