Real Estate Marketing with Vine: Top 5 Tips

Posted by Ben Scotland on Thu, Apr 04, 2013 @ 12:04 PM

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What would happen if Twitter and Instagram had a baby? The answer is Vine. Twitter released this hot new app just over a month ago and it’s becoming all the rage. It allows users to upload looping sound and motion clips of up to 6 seconds long, but users are still learning everything that this versatile app can be used for.

Travellers have already begun taking advantage of the app’s unique abilities to send their friends “6 second postcards” or “Vinecations.”  Whatever you want to call them, these 6-second videos are a great way for users to share their travel experiences from around the world.

But what does Vine mean for real estate marketing?

N5R has put together a list of 5 simple but effective ways that Vine can help you sell your real estate project.

1)    Show Off Your Project

Showing is a lot more convincing than telling for most people and what better way to show off your development than by letting your prospects see it. By using a video clip instead of a photo, you can let prospects see so much more. Not only does it give you the ability to show off your project from different angles and vantage points, but also the surrounding area with panning shots.

2)    Talk To Your Prospects

Need to send your prospects a message? Instead of using email or Twitter, take advantage of Vine. Take a video clip of you, personally explaining your message to your prospects or leads. Watching the video clip will be more interactive and interesting for users than simply reading text. More than that though, it will help give your real estate project a face and allow prospects to interact with the development on a more personal level.

3)    Engage Prospects

If you’re looking for more content, there’s no quicker or easier way to get it than by having your followers create it for you. Create a contest or some other interesting way to engage your audience and ask your prospects to create video clips of their own about your development and post them with Vine. Get creative with what you ask to really see what your prospects can come up with.

4)    Leverage Your Existing Videos

If you already have a lot of video content about your project, Vine can be a perfect way to use or reuse it. Edit your existing videos into short 6-second teaser clips that link back to the full video, but don’t stop there. Think of other new and exciting ways to reuse the video you already have. However you decide to do it, use that content to drive a whole new networks worth of traffic to your real estate project.

5)    Explain A Feature

Is your real estate projects are filled with interesting and unique features? It can often be difficult to explain or fully comprehend these types of features in simple text. With Vine you can share everything that makes your project different and exciting. Try taking your prospects on a quick virtual tour with a series of video clips for your followers to interact with. This could also be another great opportunity to come up with your own interesting ways of showing off your developments features.

Use these tips to get you started with your Vine marketing, but remember, it’s still a new app. Keep brainstorming new uses for it and stay on top of all the current trends. Just like all social media marketing, it’s important to stay relevant and never get stale. 

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