5 Basics of Condo and Real Estate Project Marketing

Posted by Dylan Madeley on Tue, Jul 30, 2013 @ 07:07 AM

The following are the five basics of marketing in general, but my focus tends to be more on the condo and real estate sales side. You're about to read the principles by which I run my marketing agency N5R, ones I swear by to this day. You'll also read why some of these basics apply more to condo and real estate marketing than ever before.

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  1. It's not the market, it's your marketing. Your sales are completely about your state of mind. You can read a lot of alarming hype in the media, but if I was in a dying industry and every week they were laying off people in my organization and paying journalists less and less, I'd be pretty negative too. There's more wealth today than at any time in history, and US real estate is approaching 2008 levels. It will be back at all-time highs in a year or two.
  2. Get rid of negativity. I don't care if you're Tony Robbins positive, Negative Nancy could still suck the life out of you. Prefer to hire people with a positive attitude and have no negative talk around the office. Imagine you're an athlete: athletes are very careful about what they put into their bodies because it can affect performance. Well, be careful who you put into your life and work because it can affect your performance too. At the end of the day, customers are buying your positive attitude. Make sure you have some to sell.
  3. Always do your research. It used to be more of a pain but now more than ever there's no excuse. I used to have to book meetings with every client to get to know them and how to sell to them, but now I can find out so much on Facebook and LinkedIn and it may only take a few seconds. Learn all that you possibly can about your client before the first meeting.
  4. Sell to women first. 92% of home purchasing decisions are made by women. Whether it's condo project sales or real estate project sales, if you lose her then it's over. That's why whenever a couple or a family are on the market for a home, every great project sales expert focus on the woman.
  5. Book the next meeting before they leave the room. True, unqualified leads will probably take off without booking anything. But each time a qualified sales lead has a meeting or a phone call with you, then you absolutely must have the next session booked before that meeting or call is done.
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