The Marketing Power of Video, the Convenience of Phone Calls

Posted by Dylan Madeley on Mon, Jul 29, 2013 @ 07:07 AM

All the greatest project marketing experts will tell you that phone calls are better than email, and in-person tops phone calls. The further away you get from meeting in person, the more you deprive yourself of the tools of effective communication: tonality and body language, which put together make 93% of what will win for you in condo or real estate project sales and any other sales for that matter. The problem is, we have phone calls and email because that's more convenient for people. They can't always meet you in person. Fortunately, new technologies are reducing the amount of marketing power that you would normally have to compromise for the sake of convenience. I'm going to discuss two of them.

video skype

Video Skype and FaceTime are two powerful tools that blend the convenience of a phone call with the marketing power of video. It's the closest you'll get to having an in-person quality meeting without the extra travel time.
  • You can use vocal tonality and body language while introducing your products in an interactive way. You can see the reactions of clients and have a better read of what interests them about a sales pitch, and what to emphasize going forward.
  • If you are in real estate project sales or condo project sales, you can use these technologies to provide virtual tours. If you are selling a car, you could show the interior. Whatever you sell, you can display it in an interactive way.
  • Many people now put Skype on their TV. Imagine them watching your presentation on a 60 inch TV screen.
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