Marketing and Sales Tips: Sell a Lifestyle First, a Floor Plan Second

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Wed, Jul 17, 2013 @ 07:07 AM

Condo project sales ads are usually the same old boring thing. If you don't know what I mean, flip through a newspaper and look for the ads that seem the most average of the bunch. You will see diagrams, technical renderings, floor plans and numbers, things which might excite an architect but not anybody else. I will tell you who else that appeals to: condo developers whose projects these are. They want a beautiful representation of their project, viewed from an angle that people living there will not usually get to enjoy anyway. This kind of ad misses the mark. What would be on target?

hitting the marketing target

  1. Start with selling a feeling. How would it feel to live in the condo that you are trying to sell? Car commercials may rattle off plenty of facts, but what they show you most prominently are people who feel happy driving a great car, and how great it is to drive that car.
  2. Lifestyle outperforms building renderings and floor plans. People have difficulty imagining themselves living in a floor plan, and all the worst ads I have ever seen tested are of floor plans. If the view out the window is brilliant, then that's something prospective buyers need to be shown. Show interior shots of attractive, on-target people doing what they would enjoy doing while living in this space.
  3. Market to women first. 92% of purchasing decisions related to homes are made by women. It is not just about remembering to market to women, you should make marketing to women your priority. I do not understand why to this day so many developers market primarily to men. Top salespeople seem to understand; if a couple or family is present, they almost always appeal to the woman. They know that if she is unhappy with the place, it's over. And women also respond best to the kinds of emotional advertising that are ideal for everyone to begin with, so why not make your ads even more effective?
If your focus is on condo project sales or real estate project sales, then you can thrive on emotional lifestyle-focused advertising. Facts and floor plans are great for answering prospective buyers' questions, but terrible for catching the interest of most people. If you would like more information on emotional advertising, selling a lifestyle and other ways to succeed brilliantly at project marketing, you should read my book It's Not The Market, It's Your Marketing. It's available on Amazon. You could read a free sample from it right now by clicking below, and downloading a free chapter.
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