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Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Thu, Jul 25, 2013 @ 08:07 AM

The five sales and marketing ideas I am about to share with you are short summaries of larger stories. I know what it's like to be busy in the condo project sales and marketing business, so if making it brief is how I can get the message across then I have no problem with that. These ideas come from a wide variety of topics, but they are all related because they are all so necessary for being successful. After that, I will show you where to read coverage of these points in greater detail.

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  • Be more persistent than you think you have to be. All of us have products and services we like to buy, but somebody has not been persistent enough with us. As an expert in sales and marketing, your job is never to let that happen. Whether it is by email, SMS, BBM, a phone call or a status update on social media, make sure you get to you people in as many different ways as possible.
  • If you are not tracking and measuring everything, you are wasting money. You can actually spend less overall on marketing if you properly track things and use analytics. You can find out what is not working and stop doing it. You can find out what is working and redirect money and effort toward it.
  • Direct mail, done properly, is underutilized in real estate. When I say direct mail I mean an elegant piece of paper with a customer's name and address, along with a special message. Use variable-digital printing to customize each method. Many companies who send out mail are not personalizing it, just blanketing a neighbourhood with the same message. If you take the time to do direct mail properly, it can be incredibly effective.
  • Personalized, segmented websites and landing pages are the way to go. Any form of blanketing different people with the same message is not going to get optimal results, and online ads are no different. But thanks to the web it's easier than ever to personalize ads and take advantage of reaching out to your individual prospective buyers. Why not take advantage of the technology?
  • Today's customer service world is in real time. Don't say "I'll get to you tomorrow" when you can ask "How do I get to you now?" My favourite old TV show was 24, because Jack Bauer's sentences would end with the word "Now". You have to create that same sense of urgency in condo project sales, not only for prospective buyers but for your project sales experts and your marketing team.
I hope you find these five points tremendously helpful. I'm sure you understand that five points in one post can never tell the whole story, so I would like you to know where you can get more of the story on how to make super effective project sales and marketing teams and processes. My book is called It's Not The Market, It's Your Marketing and you can buy it on I go into these five points in greater detail and with examples of how the best sales and marketing teams in the world used them for great results and record sales. If you want great results and record sales, this is something you have to read. You can start with a free chapter.
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