The New Sales and Marketing Reality of Mobile Browsing

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Thu, Jun 27, 2013 @ 07:06 AM

This is almost a recap, because what I am telling you is not the next wave, or the next reality of condo project sales and marketing. It is already here. It arrived in 2012, at the latest, and now it is something that every project sales expert and agency has to consider if they want to win. Let's look at some useful facts about mobile browsing and how they impact the project marketing and sales world.

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  • One big sales and marketing website worry of the past was compatibility with browsers and operating systems. Today those are not as much of a problem, since so much work has been done to bridge different technologies together. Instead, your biggest consideration is mobile device and browser compatibility.
  • According to Rogers, 71% of Canadians have a smartphone. That smartphone is more powerful than any desktop computer was five years ago. Yet most websites are built with desktop computers in mind, with mobile compatibility being an afterthought. I strongly advise you to turn that notion around, because most website visitors no longer use a desktop computer and all internet browsing is increasingly shifting to mobile devices. You need to go where the customers are and make the experience convenient for them.
  • Consider what this means to emails. How often will customers read an entire long email on that small screen? Consider front-loading all the most important information to the top of the message, because those first few lines may be all that gets read.
Of course, before the world of mobile devices changed the internet, it changed phone calls. If mobile browsing has so vastly overpowered the internet sales and marketing world, what do you think has happened to home line and business phones? Here's an idea: the only phone number you should ask for on registration forms is the cell phone. You are unlikely to get more than voice mail from any other number. 
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