Roost Helps Real Estate Agents Customize Their Facebook Page

Posted by Emilio Diaz on Mon, Jul 19, 2010 @ 09:07 AM

With more small, local businesses using social media to establish an online presence, real estate agents and brokers are no exception, which is why is now helping them instantly customize their Facebook Page. The application, called “Social Real Estate”, gives viewers a snapshot of the agent’s listing market.

Features of Roost’s Facebook application include:

  1. Google Map of the agent’s market. This one is non-interactive. For interactivity, property seekers need to visit the agent’s mini-website.
  2. Summary of active real estate listings in that market. Listings are categorized by type of property and include the average price, price per square foot, and the number of listings available in several price ranges.
  3. Market trends graph from Altos Research that shows the amount of inventory in different price ranges mapped over time.
  4. A “walkability” walk score that gives an indicator of how close nearby amenities are, for the market. The premise is that if you find a home in a high-walkability area, you’re more likely to walk than drive, for some tasks.
  5. School data from, including locations, number of schools per category, and an average number of students per teacher..
  6. A link to actual real estate listings, which leads to an agent’s mini-website on Each listing includes integration with a Google map to show location, plus fairly comprehensive data that includes price, # of bedrooms & bathrooms and much more.

The information, above, that an agent or broker actually displays on their Facebook Page is configurable. The app also allows agents to add a box to their personal Facebook profile, to draw traffic to their Fan Page. Some of the upcoming features for agents include:

  • MLS (Multiple Listing Service) search.
  • Lead generation and drip marketing tools.

These will be available in the full release of Social Real Estate. Derek Overbey, Sr. Director of Marketing & Social Media, said in an email that Roost has an install base of 1600 after just two weeks. You can see two examples of Roost in action at the Facebook pages of agents in San Francisco and Vancouver, Washington. A screenshot of Roost configured for a Facebook Page tab is shown below:

Roost, whose technology won an Inman Innovation in award in 2008, provides over 4M real estate listings. Their Facebook application seems a boon for real estate agents and brokers, and is easy to set up. However, from the perspective of a consumer who enjoys staying on, it doesn’t add a lot of value beyond a market snapshot, unless you leave the site. That’s if you have an agent for your target search market in the first place. It’d be nice if the application provided property seekers the ability to seek out listed agents/ brokers for their target areas, as well as the ability to view listings — possibly after applying some filtering criteria — without leaving Facebook.

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