Would you say YES to a proposal on the First date?

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Fri, May 20, 2011 @ 06:05 AM

proposalExpecting people to buy a condo on their first visit to a sales office is like proposing marriage on a first date and expecting the person to say yes.

Only 1% of people who walk into a sales office will make that big purchase commitment in the first visit – which means that 99% of the time your potential buyers are slipping away. They come in, hear a pitch and then they leave.

The sales process cannot end there. Studies have shown that it takes between 6 and 17 touch points to convert a prospect into a buyer, depending on market conditions. Up to 17 touch points!

How can you create an effective TouchPoint plan?
Begin by creating an actual plan that covers off at least 17 different
ways that a potential buyer’s interest can be maintained.

  • Reaching out: ads, website, phone, calls, emails, return visits. Make sure they are numerous and use a variety of different methods to keep the momentum going.

Do not worry about annoying people. Unfortunately generating
multiple touchpoints It sounds irritating however it is also effective.

  • Trackable technologies: Will allow you to discover serious buyers and send them to your sales team quickly.

Picture 74We suggest contacting leads within four hours to hit them at the height of interest. Serious buyers will appreciate the attention and factor it into their purchase decision.

We have experienced an 80% success rate using these hands‐on
methods. Build a relationship, generate awareness and turn interested browsers into serious buyers. As a result of these tactics we close on nearly 20% of sales prospects that come back for a second visit.

To learn more about Creating a Successful Touchpoint Plan, by flipping interested browsers into serious buyers.


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