How to attract readers and keep them as followers

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Tue, Jun 21, 2011 @ 18:06 PM

Here are 7 easy steps to catch the attention of readers and keep in touch with them, to increase your visibility and credibility on social media.

Attraction Marketing

  1.         Create compelling titles that are connected with your articles. Most of the titles are used to get the attention of readers only, but as soon as they realize that the article is not connected to the title they stop reading and don’t bother to read your article until the end, that’s why the title is very important.
  2.            Be clear as possible on your topics, so you don’t get your followers confused. Also try not to repeat yourself within your content as it can make your article too heavy.
  3.            You have to create and maintain the relationship between you and the people that are involved in your conversation. This means you should respond to any comments that followers have made about your article.
  4.            Analyze your traffic; Think global to understand the main consumers driving you traffic and then local to get involved and interact with them to gain various opinions about your brand
  5.            Do not hesitate to link other articles within your article. Readers will appreciate that you give your sources to make them able to get their own opinion. (At the same time it will also make your article more visible in terms of SEO).
  6.            One of the main things to do is to add keywords to your article and title, otherwise even if you have made your best article ever, how will people know that you made one? How will they find it?

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