Five Proven Twitter Marketing Strategies

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Thu, Jun 23, 2011 @ 19:06 PM

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Twitter is a micro-blogging platform and a powerful social media channel. There are many opportunities for marketers to reap from the usage of Twitter.  Here are few proven twitter marketing strategies:


  1. Use Promoted Trends or Promoted Tweets to publicize an Event: Twitter is all about sharing current things. Adam Bain, president of global revenue for Twitter, says promoted trends and promoted tweets yield engagement rates between 3% and 10% on average, and in some case even much higher than that. For instance Volkswagen got 52% engagement on April 18 for its New Beetle launch.
  2. Build the Brand with Promoted Accounts: Promoted Accounts are likely a better vehicle for long-term brand building. Case in Point: Coke. If you follow food and cooking, then a Promoted Account for Kraft Foods might make sense.
  3. Use Your #Hashtags: While “follow us on Twitter” messages from marketers appear ubiquitous, hashtags cab be more effective. Like Audi’s #ProgressIs hastag (Super Bowl Ad), you can choose an open-ended hashtag that would encourage people to add to their own thoughts.
  4. Counterprogram:  Look what your competitors are doing. Try to make the best use of their promotional ideas.
  5. Follow Through: You need to follow through to cultivate an audience for your brand as it is about a two-way communication. In March, the Kraft Foods ran a promotional program called “Mac & Jinx” that rewarded people who used the phrase “mac & cheese” in their tweets. At that time around 2,700 people followed it. Had they said “Follow us on Twitter”, “Be the first to follow us” or “Visit this URL”, they would very likely be having a very large online audience that could be reminded every day about the brand, its products and other promotions.


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