5 wrong stereotypes to avoid in social media

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Fri, Jun 24, 2011 @ 14:06 PM

Find out ways on how to overpass the main wrong ideas about social media to understand how you should use and adapted to your business to the social media.

Stereotype #1: Only account relationships matter, the content does not matter

No content to share Social Media are useless. Twitter third-party content, republish already seen the videos does not add value. We must also create the content (specific or taken from existing).

Stereotype #2: If I invest $1 in social media, I get $1 turnover

The ROI of Social Media is not necessarily obvious, because the value is sometimes intangible (quality, content, etc) and difficult to measure. In addition, Social Media is not to sell directly, but to retain and create a community, which is priceless.

Stereotype #3: 1,000,000 is better than 500,000 fans!

The number is not the quality. It's your commitment and social exchanges that make a community vibrant and attractive. Identify the influencers, opinion leaders recruit and you inevitably attract the crowd.


Stereotype #4: If my competitor did it, I'm going to throw me too

Of course we must learn, but be "different" and better! Social Media allows a virtually unlimited creativity to you to exploit!


Stereotype #5: We absolutely need a social media strategy!

Social Media must be integrated into the overall strategy of the company, like all other communication channels. The social media can build new relationships and new communication tools, but they must always continue to serve strategy of the company.


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