5 Reasons Why Software is Taking Over Your Industry

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Tue, Aug 23, 2011 @ 12:08 PM

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Let us start this off with a bang... Did you know that over the past decade the number of people that use the Internet has risen from just over 50 million to over 2 billion? Or how about the fact that the software industry as a whole is now worth over $60 billion - up from $30 billion just over 5 years ago.

To speak of this software revolution as a ‘bubble’ is utter nonsense in Marc Andresseen's opinion, founder of Netscape, plainly for the fact that software companies now have lower start up costs and a huge market in which to display their services. In short it is only a matter of time before our global economy as whole, is digitally wired - every software geek’s vision!

1: Don’t believe it? Take this into account, Groupon, an online direct marketplace or ‘reseller’ generated over $700 million in revenue in 2010. The company had only been in business two years - would you want to be up against this monster?

2: It has been ten years since Borders handed over control of their online book sales to Amazon after deciding they were ‘unimportant’. Where are they now?

3: Disney - yes the worldwide film merchants, bought Pixar, the animated software company, simply to stay present in the area of animated movies.

4: Zynga, the creators of ‘Farmville’, that ever so popular Facebook game just released their first quarter revenue - a snip at $235 million.

5: Finally, and probably the biggest deal that has occurred this year, in May, Skype, the fastest growing telecom company was bought for a whopping $8.5 billion by Microsoft who perhaps felt like they were being left behind with the likes of and Dropbox appearing on the market. That by the way was $8.5 billion in cash.

These are big numbers, big enough to change the world, it’s outlook, it’s economy and it’s future - for the better. According to Marc, ‘software is eating the world’, a trend to him, that couldn’t appear more positive or better timed.

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