4 Top Tips to Keep Your Email Marketing Campaign Successful

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Wed, Aug 24, 2011 @ 17:08 PM

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Email marketing is a tough area to perfect. The idea behind it is mainly to convert successful leads into customers using a campaign of emails that slowly nurture them into your open arms as a business.



The main drawback which continually stumps every type of business when it comes down to the area of email marketing is how to get people to open up these fantastic emails instead of unsubscribing once they see your organisation's name in their inbox. You have already overcome the first battle by getting them to sign up for your subscription in the first place, the next hurdle is to draw them in and that is where we come in.

These tips are meant to guide you in your email marketing campaign and make it as successful as possible - in other words, generate new leads but be warned the fact of the matter is that a lot of the methods that work for N5R have been successful because someone took a chance on them - so be creative but stick to these basic principles:


1: Do not use form emails. People like to see a person behind whatever it is they are reading. Whether there is one person in your marketing department or one hundred people it doesn't matter, assign someone's name to your email marketing campaign and your company logo and slogan. It is all about the personal touches that make people see the connection.


2: Never ever leave an empty subject line. The mysterious factor does not work for email marketing plain and simple and you will find that people will delete and unsubscribe to your content if you consistently do this - not exactly what you desire from a successful marketing campaign.


3: Personalize the marketing emails as much as possible. Let's be frank here, people are more likely to open an email that is directly addressed to them and once that is done half your battle is won. Once again this goes back to the personal touch and human connection aspect - yes we might be moving on digitally in the world, this doesn't mean however that people are turning into robots. A successful campaign needs to have some degree of emotion - happy, sad, compelling, whatever it is you need to involve it.


4: Invite them to contact you. Give your customers, both existing and potential the chance to get it touch with you by offering some form of outreach/communication. They may use it for what you initially perceive to be a negative purpose but the whole point behind this is they have initiated contact so this your chance to get them back on board - don't waste this opportunity, this could be the difference between a complaint or a referral!


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