2 New Marketing Tools You Should be Using

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Wed, Sep 21, 2011 @ 09:09 AM

Another great article from HubSpot updates the online world on the most up-to-date news of the week, and teaches we as readers and marketers, how we can better cater to our potential leads. Karen Rubin talks about Facebook's widely-publicized launch of the Subscribe button and Twitter's announcement of Twitter Analytics. Let's talk.

Facebook has launched a Subscribe button that lets you follow the public updates of others, whether or not you’re Facebook friends. It also allows you to choose on a user-by-user basis how much or how little you want to be updated of a person's status, who is outside of your network. The Marketing Takeaway, which HubSpot provides is when publishing new content always see that you spread your reach as much as possibly by posting it to as many channels as you can. Be mindful of your keywords and use them accordingly.

What do you think of the Subscribe button? Is it a good idea or a bad one? Leave us a comment.

With Twitter's Announcement of Twitter Analytics, the social media tool hopes to:

  • See how much your content is being shared across the Twitter network
  • How much traffic is Twitter sending to your website?
  • Measure how effective your Tweet Button integration is

As marketers, we need to understand what is working and cut out what isn't. If you can get a handle on this, you'll be able to focus your time on what it is that will be beneficial to your company. The Marketing Takeaway is to always be aware and on the lookout for new ways to market to your leads. This will breathe a life into your marketing campaigning.

What's your opinion of Twitter Analytics? Is it cool or not so much? If so what features do you like the best? The worst? Let us know!



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