Study Shows Longer Tweets Get More Clicks

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Thu, Sep 29, 2011 @ 09:09 AM

If you’re seeking higher click-throughs on the links shared in your tweets, a recent study from Dan Zarrella at Hubspot will help access how you may be able to up these numbers.

Zarrella found that as the length of tweets increased, so too did the quantity of clicks for a link in the tweet. Once the tweet reached 130 characters characters—the number of click-throughs significantly dropped. The maximum number for a tweet is 140 characters.

“So it seems as though Twitter users are more likely to click on links in tweets if they're accompanied by something else, such as a description of the link,” Zarrella described in a blog post.

To find out more about his research on this subject—and see a chart of his findings, read the Hubspot blog.

A study this month showed that the average half-life of a link—that is, the amount of time a link will receive half of the clicks it will ever get—shared on Twitter is 2.8 hours. Links on Facebook have a half-life of 3.2 hours, according to the study.


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