New Statistics on Mobile Phone Access

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Sun, Oct 02, 2011 @ 10:10 AM

Up-to-the-minute numbers prove mobile marketing isn't falling to the wayside, and won't be any time soon. And where inbound marketing is concerned, some of the key mobile data is central to how people are using their phones to gain new information. Recent studies shows that people are gradually using their mobile phones to access content on browsers, apps, and social networks:

  • In March 2011, close to 39% of US mobile subscribers were surfing the internet using their device.

  • Mobile apps are almost as popular as browsers; 37% of users employ downloaded apps.

  • Subscribers are also increasingly using social networks on their phones. In March, 27.3%  used a social network on their mobile phone, up from 24.7% just 3 months prior.

  The study also focused on users of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The majority indicated they access these social networks on their desktop, they showed different rates of usage on their mobile phones :


  • 43% of Twitter users access their Twitter account via their mobile phone.

  • Facebook had a smaller quantity of mobile users at 34%.

  • The lowest mobile usage was seen among LinkedIn users, at only 9%.

The mobile Twitter data mentioned above specifically is great news for inbound marketers. It suggests that Twitter's popularity on mobile makes it an excellent platform for sharing content and watching it catch on!

How are you using Twitter to build your business? Let us know, and leave us a comment!


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