What do Kindle and the Toronto Condo Market have in common?

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Tue, Nov 22, 2011 @ 12:11 PM

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I'm proud to announce my recent book has been released on Kindle. "New Economy, New Rules: 10 Essential Sales and Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Developers," is a step-by-step guide for condominium real estate developers to successfully market and sell their properties. My 15 years of real estate experience gives insider knowledge of the typical condo buyer as well as how developers can sell their condos more quickly and efficiently.  Check it out on Amazon

That said, it makes me think about how Kindle, and book readers in general, and the Toronto condo market are similar in that their industries are going through a big change. E-book readers are reforming the way they physically buy books and how they choose which books they buy. Similarly, the Internet is changing how buyers compare/choose condos and how they ultimately buy.

1. Word-of-mouth is becoming even more important in book buying and condo buying. Have you bought a book based on a friend's facebook post? It's the same with condos, Torontonians will be more interested in a condo that's bring talked about on facebook and twitter. Are you using these social media tools? 


2. Comparison Stage: E-book readers no longer browse for an hour at a bookstore reading book jackets and walking through the stacks. They use the Internet to purchase obviously, either through their computer or e-reader itself. This means that publishers need to entice booklovers with "look inside" options, for example. And, this is true for the condo buyer. No longer do condo buyers drive to five sales offices on a Saturday in Toronto, looking to get information on each new condo development. They simply don't have the time or inclination to. Now, they use the Internet to compare, view, and get more info on the condo. So, do you have a remarkable web site that showcases your condo development?


3. Tracking and Measurement: E-book readers receive recommendations, emails, and promotions based on their book buying history and interests. What a great marketing channel for book publishers. With new lead generation software, condo developers have the opportunity to truly start a conversation with a prospect, allowing them to nurture a lead smartly. While your sales force is the most important line of communication, you can save thousands of dollars by adding some digital marketing tools to talk with your prospects. So, do you have digital lead generation program that takes condo buyers from passive leads to buying a condo unit? 


Contact me to learn how easy it is to add digital tools to your condo sales & marketing plans! 


N5R is the #1 exclusive condominium marketing & sales agency in Toronto that helps developers successfully market and sell their properties. We’ve recently helped top Toronto developers like Tridel, Plaza, Empire, Chestnut Hill Homes and Lamb Development uncover qualified leads and sell their properties at a lower cost and in less time using N5R’s exclusive digital marketing and lead generation management solution.   




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