Creating Urgency with Event Selling

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Sun, Jan 11, 2015 @ 12:01 PM

Creating Urgency with Event Selling

A great strategy for sales that a lot of people will tell you won’t work in their market, but actually will, is event selling. For example, to sell a large condominium project, first, you need to get a database of every real estate agent, realtor and broker in its particular market. Once you have that you can start to plan an event.


Here are some tips before you get planning:

Invite every agent in the area

Events typically take about four weeks to plan. Sometimes they can take a bit longer, but usually four weeks is enough. You start by calling every single agent in that area and inviting them to the event. You should also physically mail something, maybe a postcard, and send several emails over the weeks leading up to the event.

The agents that you’re inviting will not be aware that you’re inviting literally every single real estate person in the area, but you will.

Book a room that's small enough

Next you’re going to book a room. You want to be sure to book a room that you know, based on your RSVPs, is small enough that it will be bursting with people.

When the event happens, there will be a huge crowd and everyone that is there will be thinking that your project is on fire. This will get them to start calling their customers and telling them to get involved and it will snowball from there.

Invest your time in marketing the event for it to work

This kind of event planning could apply as easily to the launch of a new product line or the opening of a new franchise as it does to real estate. You have to work very, very hard from a marketing perspective in order to pull this kind of thing off, but if you can, it works every single time. The reason lies in the urgency you create by building up a crowd of customers. It’s all about human emotion. If there are two restaurants and one is full, while the other is empty, which one do you go to? You would get in the line because that is what humans do. We love to line up for things. We always want to go where the action is.

It’s the same idea at these events. The moment that people see the crowd and the action, they want to be part of it. Creating that momentum is incredibly hard work and there is no shortcut, but if you can create the crowd, it will work.

While in India, I discussed what goes into event selling.

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