Finding the Right Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Mon, Jan 12, 2015 @ 08:01 AM

Finding the Right Real Estate Marketing Strategy


I once worked on a project in a place called Jacksonville, Florida. I don’t like to say that I’ve represented a lot of really gross projects, but this one was just disgusting and it was in a terrible area. I only did it because the developer is a very successful developer in Toronto and he asked me to do him a favour. The market was crashing in the US and he needed to sell this development and get out. When I went to visit the project I was afraid to get out of my car. The area was just not very nice. I knew immediately that the only thing we could do was market to people that already lived in this area. At least they wouldn’t be shocked when they visited the units.

We hired a human directional. This is a person that holds a sign and waves it around all weekend to attract potential buyers. It cost about $500. That was our only source of advertising and we did four contracts the first weekend. That was our entire marketing strategy. We did the same thing every weekend until the entire project sold. Sometimes you don’t have to be that sophisticated with your marketing strategy.

Watch as I explain the story and why you can sell real estate in any market.

The point is that there is always a strategy that will work. Don’t worry about what the real estate market is doing when you’re trying to sell. Just find the right real estate marketing strategy and everything will fall into place.

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