How Phone Calls Still Rule A Mobile World

Posted by Roman Bodnarchuk on Wed, Mar 09, 2016 @ 08:03 AM

smartphone being used by a US condo buyer

Today, consumers across the US have more powerful computers in their pockets than whole corporations had five or six years ago. We use our pocket-sized computers to click, swipe, search, play... the old phone call functionality almost seems like an afterthought. The funny thing is, phone calls still rule a world of smartphones.

Here are some stats which speak to the role phone calls play in today’s mobile experience:

This data reminds us of a timeless fact: All the new gadgets and communications technology in the world can’t replace human-to-human conversation. The fact is, technology enables the continuation of how we like to do things--making it easier for us to hop from a website or Facebook page to a phone call, which is why US condo developers are getting more customer-initiated phone calls than ever before.

a condo salesperson on the phone with US condo buyers

When Is It Better To Have A Chat?

Invoca reports that these are the top three reasons people to choose call a business:

  1. To get answers fast.
  2. To voice concerns to a person directly instead of filling out a form.
  3. To receive advice from an expert.

Despite how streamlined or convenient a website or app can be, you can get results faster and easier by talking to a real person. Especially if you’re on a mobile device where fat thumbs, small screens and autocorrect can really slow you down.

Buyers are also particularly uneasy making complex purchases using a website form. If you're looking at a condo in New York City, for example, don't you want to speak to a human being first? Situations like that call for a human touch, someone who can answer complex questions, ease concerns and help condo buyers make the right decisions.

a US condo digital marketer is baffled

I'm a Digital Marketer; What Do I Do?

Sure, it's easy for anybody to understand the importance of phone calls. But what if you're a digital marketer, and it's your job to get things done? You might not think you're in a position to do anything about it.

However, call intelligence solutions can help marketers create seamless and consistent customer experiences across all channels -- online and offline. With call intelligence, marketers can tie together every part of the customer experience and use the insights gathered to inform their future interactions. Talk about personalization.

For more information on how inbound digital sales and marketing are essential to condo developers today, have a free primer on how things are in 2016.

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